Smart maintenance application for business assets

What is OpService

OpService is an application that allows an easy management of the assets's company maintenance processes, from the production plant, to the machines, molds, service operations of external companies.

Can be integrated with MES and ERP as well as any other third-party management solutions. Process management is available in any structure equipped with a computer network accessible to the common Internet browsers computers and Android tablets.

It can be integrated into the predictive maintenance system (Industry 4.0) made with sensor systems and is able to manage all EAN and QR codes that identify the assets's company.


  • Manage adminstrator, workers and special users

  • Allows centralized management and information sharing

  • Contribute to data collection for quality audits

  • Saves management costs for storing service information (e.g. paper records)

  • Automatically reports when an asset needs service

  • Manages the instruction document in PDF or DOCX associated with the maintenance operation

  • Manage all assets's company: equipment, machinery, molds, computers and everything that needs maintenance

  • Forget to register the next maintenance because OpService will record it for you

  • Display maintenance operations and provide at your service department team all service instructions on Android or augmented reality devices

  • Display scheduled maintenance operations

  • Read and validate all EAN and QR code associated at your assest's company

  • Define your maintenance operation

  • Manage spare parts inventory, stocks and view the inventory movements

  • During normal service operation, select spare parts from inventory

  • During service, take and display photos of your asset thus integrating your device status documentation